Reusable gloves, perfectly suited to specific workstation conditions, offer the best protection and only need a few simple precautions to guard against contamination. Reusable gloves also allow you to optimise costs by using your gloves' full life cycle and reducing waste.

How can contamination risks be reduced when wearing reusable gloves?

Follow a step-by-step approach: sanitise, properly remove and respect conditions of use and care.

How to sanitise ?

How to doff gloves?

How to wash gloves?

Find out more details about every step in our recommended protocols according to the type of gloves used to maximize the life of your reusable gloves.

For your reusable chemical gloves

Taking permeation times into account, share hygiene best practices internally for all types of chemical gloves material!

Use our chemical advanced search tool to choose the best protective gloves for the chemicals involved (based on CAS numbers or relevant standard).


Download (PDF - 798 kb)

For your reusable mechanical gloves

Mechanical glove sanitization is possible on gloves with a liquidproof coating.

Promote good practices internally by following our recommended protocol.

For mechanical glove without liquidproof coating, optimize the lifespan by washing the gloves following the cleaning instructions.


Download (PDF - 881 kb)

A range for every kind of need

KryTech 599 - packshot
Cut Protection

KryTech 599

Cut, Grip and Skin Protection up to knuckle in oily environments. Unbeatable fingertip sensitivity.

KryTech 580 - packshot
Cut Protection

KryTech 580

Cut, Grip and Skin Protection for oily environments

Alto 405 - packshot
Liquidproof Protection

Alto 405

Fine touch for light chemical protection

Vital 117 - packshot
Liquidproof Protection

Vital 117

Precision dexterity in non-agressive environments

Ultranitril 492 - packshot
Chemical Protection

Ultranitril 492

Good mechanical resistance and long-lasting chemical protection

KryTech 586 - packshot
Cut Protection

KryTech 586

High-performance protection for intricate handling in reasonably clean environments

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