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Automotive Manufacturing

Our selection of product for automotive manufacturingDownload (PDF - 9.93 Mb)

Food Expert - MAPA Food Industry Selection Guide

Discover our selection of Mapa Professional protective gloves for the food industryDownload (PDF - 8.05 Mb)

Selection guides


Find the right gloves for your workstation! Download (PDF - 5.88 Mb)

Our selection for the chemical industry

Chemical handling GuideDownload (PDF - 10.06 Mb)

Discover our selection of products for Jan San Channel


Discover the selection of cleaning tools and protective gloves suitable for food contact for the hotel, restaurant and cafes sector.Download (PDF - 8.15 Mb)

Local Authorities Selection

Discover our selection of CLEANING TOOLS
& PROTECTIVE GLOVES dedicated to Local Authorities needs
Download (PDF - 11.62 Mb)

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