A cut protective level E glove that combines high resistance and optimised dexterity

Cut Protection

Specific advantages

  • Superior cut resistance LEVEL E including wrist area for a maximal protection
  • Leather palm ensures good puncture resistance when handling untrimmed parts
  • Foam nitrile coating and leather-free at fingertips for increased grip & dexterity
  • Advanced platting knitting technology allows the softer yarn to be in contact with the skin for user’s optimized comfort &flexibility
  • Nitrile crotch reinforcement between the coating and the leather
  • Great durability thanks to leather palm and high tenacity polyester seams
  • Glove lifetime extended and reinforced security thanks to the crotch reinforcement between thumb and index that protects the glove from any early damage in this very exposed area
  • Free of harmful substances: DMF Free
  • Specific wrapping process that avoids skin irritations as the rough fibres are surrounded by a more comfortable yarn
  • Can be used with touch devices & touch screen (thumb & index)
  • Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass
  • Dry cleaning: Up to 5 times without any alteration on performances* to extend glove lifespan, reduce costs and waste

*Tests carried out on unworn gloves (i.e. in new condition) which differs from the reality in the field.


Automotive/mechanical industry

  • Metal working
  • Handling untrimmed parts or sheet metal
  • Handling sheet metal
  • Handling parts post-press
  • Cutting strips (plasma etc.)


  • CAT. 2Cat. 2
  • Mechanical hazards EN 3884X44E
  • Heat and fire EN 407X1XXXX
  • ISO 13997:
    29.9N (g)

Product detail

MaterialFoam nitrile
ColourBlack, grey
Interior FinishSeamless textile support from HDPE fibres
Exterior FinishLeather layer on palm with reinforced thumb / index
Length (cm)30
Size8 9 10 11
Packaging12 pairs/bag
48 pairs/carton

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