Adopting colour coding reduces the risk of cross-contamination

Adopting a colour code means reducing the risk of cross-contamination but...

What is cross-contamination?

Cross contamination is the act of moving bacteria or soils to areas that could be exposed to humans.
It could potentially harm the individuals involved in these areas.
In order to answer customers needs and continue implementing best practices, Mapa Spontex Professional is offering colourcoded cleaning tools.

Why choose a colour-coded system?

Adopt a colour code is:

  • Help distinguish critical zones and control points ‘HACCP’
  • Easier training & tidying up
  • A simple & effective visual indicator to ensure the use of the right tool in the right environment
  • Increase productivity & reduce food waste by avoiding the spread of bacteria between various foods

In order to meet the constant need for hygiene & to limit the risks of cross-contamination, Mapa Spontex Professional offers cleaning tools with an example of colour coding to be used.

For each area of use, one colour defined Mapa Spontex Professional follows the BICS recommendation*.

*British Institute of Cleaning Science


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