In order to cover most of the cut protection needs, Mapa Professional have expanded its cut-resistant sleeve range from ISO CUT level B to D.

We introduce the cut-resistant sleeves : KryTech 602 and KryTech 603 that provide extended ISO CUT level C protection from cuts and lacerations to the entire arm and forearm.



With a seamless knit design, our new sleeves are designed with a supple and thin gauge 15 that offers an excellent flexibility, a perfect fit, and a fresh feel to the wearer.

For stay-in-place comfort & secure fit, worth nothing that KryTech 603 features a high visible yellow soft thumbslot and an adaptable self-gripping elastic band that ensure wearer safety whilst keeping freedom of movement and great dexterity.



Our sleeves are free from harmful substances and Oeko Tex certified for minimal allergy risks to the worker.

No skin irritations by yarns in contact with the skin as the rough fibres are wrapped with a softer yarn.

Our sleeves are suitable for a variety of industries including white appliances, automotive, construction, glass industry and more.



KryTech 602 and KryTech 603 are silicone-free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting.

Washable 3  time at 40°C without any alteration on performances to extend lifespan, reduce costs and waste.

Available in unique size.


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Mapa Professional recommends how to properly wear sleeves

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