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Ultrane 500 Grip & Proof

08 July 2013

Mapa Professionnel has just launched a new handling protective glove for precision work. Discover it!

New Ultrane 500 Grip & Proof: Grip & Skin Protection

There are a large number of gloves on the precision handling market, but a good number of them favour comfort and grip over impermeability. When handling oily or dirty parts, you are in contact with cutting fluids which, due to the products they contain, are often irritants. In fact, 90% of professional skin complaints are eczema or dermatitis often caused by irritation or allergies. Anxious to offer you the glove most suited to your use, benefit from Mapa’s expertise.


- Coating twice as durable as that used on the standard gloves on the market

- Glove stays clean and effective longer due to its impermeability

- Optimizes your costs


- Guaranteed silicone- and DMF-free

- Impermeable at the strategic points

- Protects from often highly irritant oils

- Reduces the risk of eczema and dermatitis representing 90% of professional skin complaints


- Excellent grip when handling oily or dirty parts- Reduces muscle fatigue- Offers better productivity

Discover the dedicated video - available on Youtube

Handling Protection - Ultrane 500 - packshot
Grip and skin protection for oily environments