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The right chemical hand protection for composite applications

10 August 2015

Alto Plus 260 knows how to convince a demanding end-user. Developed in cooperation with one of Mapa Professionnel’s client, it was tested and approved under real conditions.

Its history begins in 2014. LM Wind Power, a market leader in the manufacture and supply of wind turbine blades, had a special request. “In their industrial process, they are applying resin on a textile reinforcement in order to create wings structure. This composite is dropped off and adjusted on a mold,’’ explains Marie-Ariel Bouchez, Mapa Professionnel Business Development Manager. They needed a dedicated pair of gloves to protect their workers’ hands.” And this is where the problem lies as any offer on the market at that time could take into account all LM Wind Power criteria’s.

Together with LM Wind Power

Mapa Professionnel was really decided to achieve the need of LM Wind Power and come with a solution. ‘’We have helped our client in assessing their own specifications, in order for our R&D center to perform extensive tests and determine for them the good glove for the right use,’’ Marie-Ariel Bouchez underlines. Since then, LM Wind Power teams use this glove, and the partnership with Mapa Professionnel goes on…

End of the story? Not al all! “ We knew that there is a market demand for this offer”, stresses Marie-Ariel Bouchez. Indeed, in addition to the Windmill industry, several sectors may be interested in the new ALTO PLUS 260: Automotive, Aeronautics, Boat building and Sports equipment.

This innovative glove ensures a high level of protection against chemical products such as polyester resin. “Made with natural latex, the ALTO PLUS 260 is reinforced and thicker – 0.8mm – than the version we initially developed. With the Alto Plus 260, one can tackle all composite manufacturing operations in contact with resin, such as hand layup laminating and molding projection’’.

A good permeation time

What distinguishes it from other gloves within the same category is its very good permeation time. ’’LM Wind Power had the occasion to test it and the glove showed its resistance, which is even stronger now thanks to the reinforcement of the thickness.’’ Another asset is that the ALTO PLUS 260 combines dexterity with flexibility and comfort. ‘’A recent study published by the OSHA showed that 70% of hand injuries resulted from workers not wearing gloves, and the other 30% resulted from workers wearing inadequate gloves. This is why we work so hard on those issues’’, Marie-Ariel Bouchez emphasizes.

Designed for end-users

Due to the cotton flock-lining, the ALTO PLUS 260 offers a good perspiration absorption. The embossed texture is also ideal when handling slippery objects. ‘’The grip is just excellent in chemical and wet environments,’’ Marie-Ariel Bouchez concludes. Tested under real conditions, this new glove has proved its worth. Then all one needs to do is try it to better understand LM Wind Power’s choice.

Picture © LM Wind Power