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The picture of the month - March

13 March 2014

A month, a thematic, a picture. Discover our new web advertising campaign for the best gloves!

This would never have happened if he had used the best gloves for the job.

A large number of Health & Safety engineers have probably thought about that. An accident can happen quickly. The choice of an unsuitable safety glove for the application of work or a total lack of protective equipment are among the causes of accidents that we can avoid or at least reduce.

One of the objective of Mapa Professionnel is to provide the best service on the PPE market with helping you to understand the specific characteristics of a glove in order to make the best choice of protection.

We decide to conceptualize the vision and mission of a leader on the protective gloves market - Mapa Pro - through a series of offbeat pictures that we are going to publish on a monthly basis. Here is the March edition.