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The new Krytech 579 LC, answer to a market demand

06 July 2015

There is the Krytech 579, and now there is also the Krytech 579 LC. Manufactured by Mapa Professionnel, this cut protective glove is more efficient than ever. Time to test it!

Tested under real conditions

Optimum. This may be the appropriate word to describe the new Krytech 579 LC. Its main particularity certainly is its excellent cut protection. Made with a seamless textile support from HDPE fibres, polyurethane coating on palm and fingers, and long cuffs, this glove serve as a rampart against abrasion and cuts. ‘’We had the opportunity to test it under real conditions, explains Christine MATHIEU, Business Development Manager at Mapa Professionnel. And the resistance really worths the price.’’

Thanks to a car manufacturer

What makes it so unique is that it has its roots in a need expressed by a well-known car manufacturer. ‘’We just replied to a particular invitation to tender, with a dedicated offer. Our R&D center makes it possible to develop a very resistant glove with cuffs up to 33 cm long, in just a few months,’’ Christine MATHIEU underlines. The new product has proven its value and Mapa Professionnel won the contract.

Which operations require the use of this glove ? ‘’When operators mount and assemble parts of cars, using their hands to carry out certains tasks, they need a second skin to protect themselves againts hazards’’. Since last January, the Krytech 579 LC plays its role and meets the client expectations. But this does not mean that the glove is reserved for the Automotive industry. ‘’The Mechanical and the Paper industry are also targeted,’’ Christine MATHIEU stresses.

That is most fitting, since the Krytech 579 LC offers a full range of interesting assets, for the worthy benefit of end users: an excellent grip in dry or dirty environments, an excellent tactile sensitivity due to the gloves reduced thickness, as well as an optimal comfort thanks to the use of breathable fibre and polyurethane. Yes, optimum is the appropriate word. The Krytech 579 LC is now made available on the market.