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The new Kromet 836 LC, just at the top level

07 September 2015

There was the Kromet 832 and now there is also the 836 LC one. Thanks to this new generation of Kromet, the level of standards has never been so high!

‘’We were sure there was a demand on the market for this kind of products’’, explains Christine Mathieu, Business Development Manager at Mapa Professionnel.

This was in July 2014. ‘’At that time, our Kromet offer was very much appreciated by our customers, for its quality as well as its cut protection. But we wanted to offer a new experience and more selection criteria for our Kromet.’’

Leather palm

First, that means being more durable. Due to the leather palm, the 836 LC has a high wear resistance. And the icing on the cake is that the glove was designed with reinforced crotch between thumb and forfinger. Second, the glove also offers more comfort and dexterity. How? The leather palm, again! Reducing the risk of punctures from metal barbs, plastics and other sharp objects, this glove is made of a seamless textile support from HDPE fibres. Yes, really more resistant…

Long cuff

But that’s not all. ‘’The forearm protection is reinforced thanks to the long cuff that measures between 27 and 32cm, Christine Mathieu adds. The cut resistance is just optimum.’’ Another asset is that the grip is excellent in dry or oily environments, in order to facilitate the handling. Metal working, cutting strips, pressing or stamping… whatever the operator does, the new Kromet 836 LC is here to give a hand.

Test samples

‘’In july, we were ready to develop the new product and here we are now. It took only 6 months to find the solution and make the prerequisite tests in our R&D center. Since the beginning of 2015, some of our customers perform tests with samples we have provided them,’’ Christine Mathieu underlines.

Automotive industry, metallurgy, mechanical and industrial maintenance, this brand new product has many applications. It’s now time to discover its efficiency!