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Temp-Ice 700, a new glove to push the limits of cold

03 November 2014

A new cold thermal glove has just seen the day. Temp Ice, developed by the global leader in the PPE market, has many assets. Pretty soon, it may become a flagship product.

Many people work in cold environment. With the right thermal protection, there is absolutely no problem. But what about if they don’t? Temperatures below 5°C leave workers facing a sensation of thermal discomfort, which becomes intense in case of wind and humidity. A situation that could have many impacts over working conditions and productivity. ‘’Loss of dexterity as well as intense tiredness may happen’’, explains Marie-Ariel Bouchez, Business Development Manager at Mapa Professionnel.

This is why Mapa Professionnel has developed Temp-Ice 700, a glove taking different environments into account. ‘’Based on our expertise on cold protection, research and development of usage tests, this new glove provides workers with thermal insulation down to -10°C,’’ assures Marie-Ariel Bouchez. But that’s not all.

The product offers durability, coating 5 times as durable than standard gloves made with latex or PVC. ‘’But Temp Ice also features our innovative technology, Grip & Proof, which allows users to keep an excellent grip in wet… and cold environments,’’ explains Marie-Ariel Bouchez. Not to mention it is suitable for food use. Construction and Public work, Transport and Supply, Maintenance or Fishing… Temp Ice addresses several sectors.

With this original and exclusive product, Mapa Professionnel stresses again the importance of dexterity and comfort for end-users. There’s no doubt this new offer will meet their expectations. For more information on Temp Ice, the easiest way is to contact one of the many suppliers who have already listed the product, watch online the demonstration video and then test the product in real conditions!

Temp Ice official video now online!

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Reinforced Durability to push the limits of cold