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New Thermal range

05 November 2012

Mapa Professionnel has launched a new Thermal Protection range with providing the thermal resistance & high dexterity finally in your hands!

In Europe, one person every minute suffers burns in the workplace. 50% of burns occur in the food, metallurgy and chemical industry sectors. In an innovative move Mapa Professionnel, a leading name in protective gloves, have a proposal of a new and intelligent thermal range to allow the user to choose the right glove.


The Temp-Dex range provides great dexterity, guaranteed thermal insulation and improved durability.

  • New reinforcement of the welt
  • A 4 out of 4 abrasion resistance level
  • Multi-layer, flexible and thin


The classic thermal protection in dry conditions for high temperatures up to 250 °C with the Temp-Tech 725.

  • Protection of the forearm with its leather cuff
  • Cut Protection level 4 thanks to its liner made of aramid fibres


This range is completed thanks to the two existing and well-known products:

  • Temp-Cook 476 - A dedicated reference to the Food industry
  • Temp-Tec 332 - Chemical & Thermal resistance
Thermal Protection - TempDex 710 - packshot
High dexterity and thermal protection
Thermal Protection - TempDex 720 - packshot
Dexterity and resistance to cuts for optimised thermal protection
Thermal Protection - TempCook 476 - packshot
Hygienic combined with effective thermal protection; 100% fluid-proof
Food expert
Thermal Protection - TempTec 332 - packshot
Effective thermal insulation and resistance to a wide range of chemical