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New Grip & Proof range

05 January 2015

Mapa Professionnel is launching the new range Grip & Proof gloves for oily and/or dirty environments. Discover it now!

Select the Grip & Proof range that meets your needs...

Mapa Professionnel has already developed three references of Grip & Proof gloves offering grip, optimum impermeability, skin protection, cut protection (ref. 580/582) and proven durability: Ultrane 500 Grip & Proof, Krynit 580 Grip & Proof & Krynit 582.

The success of this range on the glove protective market has stimulated Mapa Professionnel to increase the Grip & Proof portfolio with 5 new references that you will discover in three themes:

> Ultrane range for precision work

> Krynit range for precision work & cut

> Kronit range for heavy-duty work & cut