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New Grip & Proof gloves are coming soon!

03 June 2014

Discover our exclusive Grip & Proof technology to meet all your specific expectations. Safety first!

Prepare yourself for a new wave of exclusive protective gloves including the Grip & Proof technology. Last March, you have already discovered three Grip & Proof references produced by Mapa Professionnel and supported by an ambitious advertising campaign.

Mapa Professionnel has decided to enlarge his portfolio of safety gloves to ensure a solution for oily and/or dirty environments. A total control and a maximum performance for a better hand protection.

From September 2014, discover our new protective gloves with similar performance criteria: grip, oil-proofness, cut protection and dexterity for a better protection in application.

In the meantime, you can benefit of our new safety solutions dedicated to the PPE market: skin protection, durability and better productivity.

Click here to discover the advertising campaign on our protective gloves.

Handling Protection - Ultrane 500 - packshot
Grip and skin protection for oily environments
Cut Protection - KryTech 580 - packshot
Cut, Grip and Skin Protection for oily environments
Cut Protection - KryTech 582 - packshot
Special Grip&Proof nitrile coating provides better liquidproofness and grip in ...