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Grip & Proof Technology

17 February 2014

Discover our exclusive technology around three references of protective gloves that respond to many expectations from the field.

When handling oily or dirty parts, you are in contact with cutting fluids which, due to the products they contain, are often irritants. In fact, 90% of professional skin complaints are eczema or dermatitis often caused by irritation or allergies. Anxious to offer you the glove most suited to your use, benefit from Mapa’s expertise and specially developed use tests (grip, impermeability, cut and dexterity) for better protection in actual usage conditions.

Discover our Grip & Proof gloves which provide a skin protectionan excellent grip and a long-lasting and enhanced productivity. Discover right now our protectives gloves (handling and cut protection) to guarantee a total control and a maximum performance in your work area.

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Handling Protection - Ultrane 500 - packshot
Grip and skin protection for oily environments
Cut Protection - KryTech 580 - packshot
Cut, Grip and Skin Protection for oily environments
Cut Protection - KryTech 582 - packshot
Special Grip&Proof nitrile coating provides better liquidproofness and grip in ...